The purpose of this survey is to understand how Libris online search is used today and which improvements that need to be done. Work is ongoing with creating a new version of Libris and the replies from this survey will be used to understand which needs a new search engine for the National catalogue need to fulfill. 

Thank you for answering, your input is valuable to us!
1. How old are you? 
Enter age in years
2. Which municipality do you live in?
3. How did you find Libris?
4. For what do you primarily use Libris? 
7. How often do you use Libris?
8. How do you find out about literature that you didn't already know about?
Select one or more options.
9. Which kind of material do you search for in Libris?
Select one or more options.
10. Which search function do you use most often?
Describe in the comment why you choose that search function, what you think is good about it and what is less good about it.
Also write if you use different search options on different occasions or for different types of material.
11. What other functions apart from searching do you use today?
Describe in the comments what you think is good about the functions you use, and what is less good or missing.
Select one or more options.
12. When you search for material, what do you usually search for?
13. When you search for a book, does it matter which edition you find? 
14. In which form do you usually want the material you search for? 
15. Below is a list of suggestions for new functions related to a logged in user account. Select one or more options that you would find useful or desirable. 
16. When you find i.e. a book that you have searched for, which information is the most important to you?
Select how important the information is for each option. 
 Very importantNice to haveNot so important 
Author or creator
Other collaborator (e.g. illustrator or translator)
Which library the item is available in 
If the item is available for lending
If the item is available in a digital version
Cover image 
List of contents 
Year of publication 
ISBN or other identifiers 
Subject words or genre 
Other editions of the item 
If the item belongs to a bibliography or collection 
(e.g. The Swedish national bibliography, Queerlit or The Dala bibliography)
17. When you are on an item page, what is relevant for you to be able to explore further?
Select one or more options.
18. Which kind of screen do you use when visiting Libris?
Specify both which screen you use today and what you would prefer to use.
 Using today Would prefer to use 
External larger screen
19. What interaction method do you use when visiting Libris?
Do you use any accessibility aids to interact with your unit?
Select one or more options. 
20. What are you satisfied with in Libris today?
21. What are you dissatisfied with or missing in Libris today?
22. Do you have any suggestions for improvements or new features for Libris? Please describe. 
23. Would you like to participate in an interview with more detailed questions about Libris? If yes, then enter your e-mail adress here and we will contact you. Otherwise leave the field empty.